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Donate to Charity

I support the following charitable projects. I would be happy if you too could support these projects with a monetary donation or in any other way. What you give is yours forever. What you keep is lost for all time!

Keinom Foundation

The Keinom Foundation is a non-profit organisation that has dedicated itself to helping people who have been victims of war, persecution, oppression, educational deprivation, deprivation of human rights and freedoms, subject to physical or mental violence or find themselves in need of emergency assistance.

The mission statement of the foundation centres on universal human rights. Ethnicity, political opinions, religious outlook or gender play no role in the foundation’s decision on who to support.



Clemens-Maria-Kinderheim children’s home was founded in 1916 by the priest Clemens Maria Hofbauer. His wish back then was to look after the many orphans created by war. Today, the CleMaKi, as it is known for short, has remained true to its goal of supporting children in need of help.

The St. Anna house in Bavaria’s Aying, which can currently house 19 children and young persons aged between three and eleven, was built as far back as 1904 and established in 1992 as an entirely inpatient youth welfare facility. Here, children are given the opportunities and prospects they need to lead their own life in society in the future.