In Nomine Nihil

The compass of life dictates, first through its own bloodlines, then through the manipulative game of the slaves on the nihil, the cardinal points of our being.

…beginning with child’s eyes, we valiantly try to go on our journey… upwards, downwards, to the left to the right, whether north or south or east or west, to the elusive search for truth, spirit, happiness, and reward… but the storm of lies, the foam of deceit and the branding of stupidity decisively detain us… everything, including ourselves, is a part of the large game of the nihil.

…the long-awaited and suggested harbour of happiness is not on the horizon and cannot be, as it was planted in our souls as a pure fiction of the nihil on the day of our birth… the bastard of 1000 faces has programmed us from childhood; he is father and mother, brother and sister, friend and foe in one… the measure of all things.

…so we sail alone, accompanied by the whore called Hope on the sea of the Great Nothing with the only knowledge that we must control the rudder parting the waves like a pioneering sword ourselves.

Limited edition 100 copies
Single colour silkscreen print on image board, 300 g/m²
Size: 45 × 60 cm
Signed and numbered

€ 90
incl. EU VAT and shipping