Mighty Mixed Stuff
Wall Canvas Cover Work Drawing 2013//14
Cinema Production Lena Love
Ghostpainting under pressure 01//2014
TA2 Design on Plaster 3D
Dragons Anker Poppy Swallow 10//2013
Game Design Dimension Zip
Multiplayer Browser Game 2012//13
Game Design Dimension Zip 2
Building Resource Animation 2012//13
Fresh Instant Mixed Media Pickles
Black Death to Sweet Girlie 00//2011-12
Voodoo Red Cross Bunny Customized Toy
Dedicated to all Victims of Violence 05//2012
Walls with a Smile and a Tear
Rest In Paradise Tanja Mai 10.5.71-2.6.08
Radioactive Trainsformation Exhibition 1
ABC Allstars and Friends K&K Muc 07//2011
Radioactive Trainsformation Exhibition 2
ABC Allstars and Friends K&K Muc 07//2011
Radioactive Trainsformation Making Of
ABC Allstars and Friends K&K Muc 07//2011
Train By Train Exhibition
Gallery Kalt Munich 1//2011
Bavaria Bavarica 2
Prince Prezel, Sponge Cheese Bayer Prost, 4 Ever Dead, In Nomini Nihil, Eagle Posada
089 Psycho Para Pandemic 11//2010
Amazon Germany Munich
Kitchen Flowers Entrance Hall
Amazon Headquater Munich 9//2010
Alkoport Beer Bomber Van
Support Your Local Munich Dealer 8//2010
Another Brick In The Wall
Teachers Leave Us Kids Alone 08//2010
Flying Fortress Teddy Trooper 2
Support Your Trooperz 5//2010
Bronx, Split, La Palma, Bavaria, Zombieland
A Bayrische Crew 12//2009
Divers vs. Divers
Aldi Writerteam 11//2009
Erection of Canvases
Blitzkrieg Inc. Collection 11//2009
Draw Exhibition Schunk Glaspaleis
Heerlen, The Netherlands 10//2009
Rugged Mag R.I.P.
The Party Is Over Ruppig 08//2009
Steel Flower Scull Pattern
Urban Camouflage Research Center 17//2009
Ex Russian War Helicopter
Afghanistan Killa Blood Clat Bastard
Lies, More Lies, Same Lies 8//2009
Krieg The Pig Making Of
Paracity Zombie Killa Hero Army 13//2101
Mix Ex Potpourri Pouvoir Punx 66//2109
Flying Fortress Teddy Trooper
Customised Minga 8//2008
Bavaria Bavarica
Bayernwappen, Münchner Kindl, BaWARia, Reinheitsgebot 1516
Minga Mia San Mia Prost 7//2008
Brudermühlbridge Wallz
The Bridge Is Under
Munich, Germany, Waterland Start //1996
Selection of Canvases
Brain Eye Mouth Baseball Cap
Braincity 2//2008
Classic Carneval Killa
Psycho Punk Prolo 6.66//2666
Destroyed Work Rest In Peace
Ignorance Province F.U.C.K. 3//2008
Selection of Drawings
Planet d R.A.W. 123//1536
Eyeball Universe
University of Paracity 13//2101
KRIEG the Pig
BLITZ the Dog and KRIEG the Pig
by Dr.Genome Blitzkrieg Inc.Paracity 13//2101
Backpiece Reverend Beatman
Psycho Voodoo Fair Prost Cheerz
Salzburg, Österhazi, AUStria 4//2008
LP Cover Artworkz
Music for the Healing of the Nation
Moon 1//2101
Nike Wholetrain Shoes
Customised Cinema Film Shoes
Bollywood 3//2008
RUGGED Magazine Carhartt 2
Ruppig //2008
Son Jong Ho Classic Taekwondo
Korea, Austria, Germany //200X
Ta2 Ta2 Ta2
New Para York //2007
Selection of Wallz
Global Universe #//200$
Zombie Sculptures New Edition
Paracity NEW 6//2101
Carhartt Campaign 2007
Animal WONderland 01//2007
RUGGED Magazine Carhartt
Animals Love, Planet Earth 0?//2006-07
Race Car Eyeball Dragon
supported by TATs Crew
Hunts Point, Bronx, New York City 10//2006
Ecce Homo Super Sapiens
Customized Deck at Exhibition in Manhattan
Toy Tokyo Showroom, New York City 06//2006
Patria o Muerte Cuba Libre
Guantánamo US Naval Base Prison Zombie
Lauton District, Havana, Cuba 05//2006
Microsoft X-Box 360 Modification
Eye for an Eye Camo Battle Mech 09//2005
Jamaica Sensi Image Dub
Zombie Hits Babylon, Jamaica
Kingston, Longbay, Treasure Beach 05//2005
Wholetrain Movie Ghostpaintings
Warschau, Poland 11//2004
ZOMBIE Sculptures Part 1
Apocalyptic Clone Army of Zombie Creapers
Paracity 6, Twilightzone 6, D Land 6 06//2666
ZOMBIE Sculptures Part 2
Paracity 6, Twilightzone 6, D Land 6 06//2666
ZOMBIE Sculptures Part 3
Paracity 6, Twilightzone 6, D Land 6 06//2666
ZOMBIE Sculptures Part 4
Paracity 6, Twilightzone 6, D Land 6 06//2666
Sri Lanka, Singalese + Tamil make LOVE
Kandy Prison, Sinharaja, Trincomale 05//2004
RUGGED Magazine Carhartt
Chaotz Crew Hits Earth
Paracity 3, WONderland 0?//2090
Music Video 4 Souls of Mischief 06//2666
Thailand, Cambodia Travel Trips
Thailand Love 0?//2000-03
Central America Travel Trip
Belize, Mexico, Guatemala 03//1999
India Travel Trip Sketches
Bombay + South India 04//1994
Who stole my drawing?